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Deep South Rabbi

How Do We Do This

Rabbi Barry Altmark, deep south rabbi

"Celebrate we will because life is short but sweet for certain"

When you sign me up for your wedding, we will meet at least two times.  we need to talk about how you envision your ceremony, what kind of ceremony do you want, are you going to write your own vows or do you want me to take care of it, do you want readers in your ceremony do we have special people to honor, etc.  Together we'll tailor your ceremony to reflect you and your relationship.  There are no two couples alike and your wedding ceremony should not be like everyone else.  I bring poetry and something personal about you into your ceremony.

Ready to talk about a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?  Let's make your simcha a family affair.  Call to the Torah?  Read a blessing?  Give a speech or all of the above?  No problems, we'll tailor your Bar/Bat Mitzvah to your family.

Always working?  No problem, we can either make arrangements to meet up or we can talk via Skype or FaceTime.  This internet thing is quite amazing.

Looking at a Destination Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah?  My passport is up to date and ready to go!

Ready to book me or have questions?  Just email or give me a call.