Interfaith and Jewish Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Intro to Judaism

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Avi and Ashley

Ashley and Avi Jewish ceremony at the Shutters Hotel, Santa Monica California

Abigail and Matt

Abigail and Matt's Non-Denominational Ceremony at The Sonnet House, Leeds Alabama

Susan and Henry

Susan and Henry's Jewish Ceremony at Naylor Hall, Roswell, Georgia

Diana and Emille

Diana and Emille’s Jewish destination ceremony in Cartagena, Columbia

LySandra and Jake

LySandra and Jake's Interfaith ceremony at Cedarwood Weddings, Nashville, TN

Rebecca and Joel

Rebecca and Joel's Jewish ceremony at Sonnet House, Leeds, Alabama.

Jeanne and Joe

Jeanne and Joe's Non Denominational Elopement at Blackberry Farm, Knoxville, TN.

Catherine and Matt

Catherine and Matt's Non Denominational ceremony at Iron City, Birmingham, Alabama.

Avery and Jake

Avery and Jake's Interfaith ceremony at Oak Plantation, Pike Road, Alabama.

Ashley and Michael

Ashley and Michael's Interfaith ceremony at Children's Harbor, Alexander City, Alabama.

Julia’s Adult Bat Mitzvah

Julia’s Adult Bat Mitzvah (the 9 minute version) at private residence in Atlanta, GA.

Max's Bar Mitzvah

Max's Bar Mitzvah (the 15 minute version) at private residence in Jacksonville, Florida.

Andy's Bar Mitzvah

Andy's Bar Mitzvah (the 15 minute version) at Vulcan Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

Brayden's Bar Mitzvah

Brayden's Bar Mitzvah (the 10 minute version) at Vynes Restaurant in Middlebury, Connecticut.